The Jungian Wood

One never compares man to a beast in praise, unless you are in the sexual kingdom. Only in predatory grounds of desire and lust do we admit to our animalistic nature.

Man hunts a woman, a woman captures a man, anima and animus stalk each in the shadows of the Jungian Woods.

The mating ritual is a chase between two prey, disguised as hunters with the puffing of chests and the preening of feathers.

Once the dangers of straying from the path led to mythical dragons and serpents, now venturing down darker alleyways summons archetypal cougars and bears.

Do we don physiological pelts to disguise ourselves, merging into the collective unconscious? Or reveal our ego like claws and talons piercing through our thin layer of skin?
‘Stag’ July 2009
‘Minotaur’ August 2009
‘Vixen’ August 2009
‘Ram’ August 2009
‘Black Swan Crow’ October 2009
‘Flamingoes’ June 2010
‘Unicorn’ July 2010